10 city pop for lonely night drive

10 City Pop for Lonely Night Drive

10 city pop for lonely night drive
Photo Credit: MeckanicalMind

          Nostalgia or Feeling of searching for a lost soul in the past have become this era’s zeitgeist. While new technology and innovations emerges everyday, arts become more and more repetitive and stuck amid the cycle of remaking.

          I was born in 90s but always consider myself an 80s kid. 80s to me, is like blossom times of flowers that grew from the ashes of war. The arts of 80s are full of hope and joy, especially 80s Japanese city pop music that enlighten our life with cheerful beats and hopeful lyrics that drive us from sorrow toward better tomorrow. I always love the quote of The Dark Knight that said “The night is darkest just before the dawn”, if you are reading this message, whoever you are, wherever you go, I hope the dawn is coming to your life soon. We are all alone but we will pass this night together.

          Here are 10 City Pop for Lonely Night Drive that will brighter your long night journey until sunrise.


1.So, I Love you – Kingo Hamada

 “I love you so…”


2.Sweet Love – Junko Ohashi

          “I just want in love with you…”


3.First Light – Makoto Matsushita

          “from the east, to the west, I’ve lost myself in the night for your love”


4.Remember Me – Step

          “I remember you, you remember me?”


5.Cupid – Miki Matsubara

          “Cupid, where are you going?”


6.Dear Breeze – Kiyotaka Sugiyama & OMEGA TRIBE

       “Dear Breeze….”


7.Magic Ways – Tatsuro Yamashita

          “I love the girl with magic ways…”


8.Dolphin in Town – Kingo Hamada

          “In the Milky Way in Midnight, a boy caught a dolphin…”


9.Kisu O Suru No Ni – Kaoru Aizawa

          “What cha’ gonna do for me”


10.Plastic Love – Mariya Takeuchi

      “I’m Just Playing Game”


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